Randy Olson(Creative Director, DP)

     I've always loved storytelling. As a kid, I would ride my bike down to my buddies house and play Lord of the Rings with sticks we found in his backyard. Then I would ride back home and fill my mind with any story I could get my hands on. I loved movies, books, and video games because of where they could take me. They opened new worlds for me in a way never before imaginable.

     Now, as an adult, I get to continue to write my story. In the past 5 years, I've gotten to travel to over 20 countries, marry the love of my life, and share the love of Christ with everyone I meet.

     I've noticed that a lot of other people are just like me. We all love a captivating story. We all love to have our story told. This is where I am able to mix my passion with my business. I pride myself on being able to tell some of the most awe-inspiring stories I've ever heard. Stories of real people and their passions. That is far better than any movie! 

Everlasting Films