Randy Olson(Creative Director, DP)
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     I've always loved storytelling. As a kid, I would ride my bike down to my buddies house and play Lord of the Rings with sticks we found in his backyard. Then I would ride back home and fill my mind with any story I could get my hands on. I loved movies, books, and video games because of where they could take me. They opened new worlds for me in a way never before imaginable.

     Now, as an adult, I get to continue to write my story. In the past 5 years, I've gotten to travel to over 20 countries, marry the love of my life, and share the love of Christ with everyone I meet.

     I've noticed that a lot of other people are just like me. We all love a captivating story. We all love to have our story told. This is where I am able to mix my passion with my business. I pride myself on being able to tell some of the most awe-inspiring stories I've ever heard. Stories of real people and their passions. That is far better than any movie! 

Andrea Olson (Editing, Photography, Client Relations)

There are three things in this world that bring me absolute bliss; Jesus, plants, and a good story. 
Growing up, I always loved creating. Choir, theatre, and band were my safe havens. As an adult, I really struggled with how to merge my love for creation with some sort of career path. It was four years ago, when I picked up a camera, that I discovered a new avenue for my creativity to flow. When I met my husband, Randy, I truly met my other half. We found out pretty quickly that we wanted the same things out of life and were much more similar than we could ever imagine. We would spend hours in my kitchen co-creating these off-the-wall stories of princesses in far off lands and viking wanderers with adventure in their hearts.
I love meeting new people and telling the extraordinary stories that come from seemingly ordinary lives. I hope to continue to serve my community through the art of visual story telling.